About project

This project intends to create a shared understanding of the application of the European Key Competences in the context of their own curricula for learning. There are envisaged major positive results for pupils´ learning based on key competences, especially in the areas of communication in a foreign language and digital competence, engaging all pupils in learning to learn.

This is the general aim of the project, that will be processed in the within following: schools within the Partners Regions will elaborate the shared curricula theme based on the Key Competences, that will be processed and evaluated by Local Authorities and third partners in both Partner Regions and supported by peer learning.

The introduction of Business English classes, enabling the pupils use of computer programs in this international language, as well as the extracurricular ICT workshops and entrepreneurship (enabling the future graduates of secondary schools to find their place on the labour market)- will let cooperating partner organisations from Mikołów County (Poland) and Prahove County (Romania) to disseminate the effective model of exchange of experiences in the domain of education and their promotion in the local, regional and international scale.

It is envisaged that project support will cover 60 pupils of Complex of Service and Energetic Schools in Mikołów and 60  pupils of Colegiul National Jean Monnet in Ploiesti.

Pupils will be given a possibility to initiate and motivate own learning process by the creation of activities appropriate to their age (level), which will be shared with pupils in partner schools on a VLE, website, social network, etc.

As for the lifelong and community learning, it will be encouraged by the development of parent and community activities in partner schools to promote learning through language immersion. Activities will be shared and disseminated using a VLE and evaluated by all partners.

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